Luke Transportation Engineering Consultants, Inc. was established in January 1996 to provide transportation engineering and planning services to both public and private clients throughout Florida.

Founded in 1996, Luke Transportation Engineering Consultants (LTEC) has been serving private and public clients throughout Florida for over twelve years.

J. Anthony "Tony" Luke, LTEC's president and founder, founded Luke Transportation Engineering Consultants in 1996 to provide transportation engineering and planning services to both public and private clients throughout Florida. With over twentysix years experience providing transportation solutions to clients, Mr. Luke has built an outstanding rapport working with public agencies and private development clients.

Since 1996, Mr. Luke has developed a team of highly experienced professionals including Joseph T. Roviaro who brings over 32 years' experience as a transportation planner, Paul Rhoads with over 27 years' experience in transportation planning and engineering, and George A. Eljabbour who has performed transportation engineering tasks in Central Florida since 1986.

Throughout the years LTEC has served a number of clients including LYNX, FDOT, Orange County Public Works and Seminole County Public Works, the cities of Oviedo and Cape Canaveral, Walt Disney Imagineering, RaceTrac Petroleum, and more. In addition, LTEC has experience with over 21 Development of Regional Impact (DRI) projects.


MBE Minority Business Enterprise
DBE Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
FDOT · Florida · Orange County · City of Orlando


(6.1) Traffic Engineering Studies
(6.2) Traffic Signal Timing
(7.1) Signing, Pavement Marking and Channelization
(7.3) Signalization
(13.4) Systems Planning
(13.5) Subarea/Corridor Planning
(13.6) Land Planning/Engineering
(13.7) Transportation Statistics


Traffic Operations Analysis
Transportation Corridor Studies
Traffic Impact Analysis
Traffic Data Collection and Analysis
Transportation Systems Analysis
Traffic Signal Design


Institute of Transportation Engineers
Society of Hispanic Engineers
Society for Marketing Professional Services
Florida Planning & Zoning Association


J. Anthony "Tony" Luke, P.E. - President
Joseph "Joe" T. Roviaro, AICP - Director of Transportation Planning
Paul H. Rhoads, AICP, Senior Transportation Planner
George Eljabbour, B.S. - Engineering
Mercedes Quinones, Executive Assistant